Kindness on a cold day

On the coldest day of winter, two gentlemen assisted me with a flat tire.

They may have not viewed it as a "big deal" but for me, it meant the most. They didn't know that I'm prone to frostbite to due to low-circulation so every second that I was in the cold air trying to loosen the bolts on my tires, my hands grew more and more stiff (and painful!).

These two gentlemen pulled into the parking lot that I was in(no one else was in the lot and it was New Year's Day so most service stations were closed), saw that I needed help, and immediately set their hands to the task of removing my tire. Like seriously, they barely said two full sentences before ushering me to the side haha.

Once they finished, I offered to pay them or buy them something like a meal or even coffee, but they wouldn't accept anything. They told me to stay warm, gave me a number to a local service station that was open for sure, and sent me along my way. Thinking about that day, I am forever grateful.

Event Date: Jan 10, 2018
Listing created Dec 28, 2018

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