Healing Honey

Today I met the most amazing leader named Katie at a local women's resource center. For a long time, I've wanted to get more involved with the women's resource center in my area, so to be in the space today felt like coming home. I went into the space fully and eagerly anticipating to learn- but what I didn't fully anticipate was the powerful, authentic healing that came from Katie's authenticity, vulnerability, and leadership. The way Katie edified everyone in the room- hearing each voice, each experience, and TRULY listening- was healing honey for my soul. She lifted up the voices in the space and empowered the folks in the space to lift up other voices in our community. What a kind, gracious gift to be in that space today.

I love BeeKnd and the metaphor of spreading honey. I'm not a doctor, but I know that for centuries honey has been used for healing of wounds. As I consider the conversation in the women's resource center today, I am all too aware of the wounds that hurt our spirits. But I am equally encouraged and hopeful to consider how each of us can spread healing honey, not just at a surface level but in a way that offers deep, deep healing to the soul. By listening to each other, being authentic, lifting up unheard voices- we spread honey. And all of us could us a little more healing honey for our souls.

Event Date: Feb 9, 2019
Listing created Feb 10, 2019

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