We Remember : Nashville

A few days ago I met... not just a person, but a coalition of people. We Remember : Nashville is a community led coalition of passionate people interested in memorializing, education, and healing a community that was subjected to systemic racial terror. Under the umbrella of the Equal Justice Initiative, We Remember : Nashville is comprised of diverse, inter-generational, inter-faith community members who are concerned, who are pained, but who are also hopeful. It was inspiring to see the care and consideration given to all opinions, especially when those opinions were different. As I walked away, I realized that history is controlled by those who write the narrative, but that it can always be broadened and corrected.

Despite the fraught and complex nature of the meeting, light conversation and laughter filled the room at points. There is always a way to bring levity to horrifying situations, and that night was a great reminder that kindness, a willingness to be humbled, and an open heart can go a long way to fight the darkness.

Event Date: Feb 19, 2019
Listing created Feb 21, 2019

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