Information about Product Junkie Xchange


We think compassion is healthy.

Beeknd was created to remind people of the health and healing that comes through shared kindness. Our deeply held belief is that a small act of kindness can inspire great joy.

Beeknd functions as a space for sharing kindness found in every corner of our world. We encourage all acceptable posts of gratitude, praise, compassion, and love for your fellow neighbour.

A little goes a long way! In a world that de-prioritizes importance of treating people well, we want to remind and teach communities that kindness can provide health and healing. 

Because of this commitment, BeeKnd will not tolerate any hate speech, bullying, or otherwise malicious content. We ask that users help us moderate this space by reporting to or contacting us whenever malicious content is posted or sent. Please check out our Code of Conduct.

Let's get to work. Go BeeKnd!

Cover Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash